100 kg stainless steel explosion-proof meter platform scale

by:Desing      2020-03-30
100 kg stainless steel explosion-proof meter platform scale, electronic platform scale is small, easy to move small weighing electronic platform scale, count, weight and valuation has three kinds; Apply to the warehouse material into warehouse shipments, also can be used in the production line product sampling, used in scientific research, chemical, electronics, hardware, plastics, printing, packaging, food, pharmaceutical, materials, and other enterprises, welcome customers call advisory. Electronic platform scale, electronic platform scale features: 1. Weighing instrument: LED digital display, clear and easy to read, the built-in rechargeable battery, ac/dc, stainless steel shell, good anti-jamming capability. 2. The sense organ: high precision weighing sensor, precision stability, double parallel beam structure, strong resistance to lateral force, protection grade IP67. 3. Connect a line box: stainless steel box. 4. Main functions: net weight, zero, peeling, accumulative total, etc. 5. Power supply voltage: AC 220 v10, 50 hz DC 6 v4ah. 6. Instrument: power consumption & lt; 5瓦的氩离子。 7. Protection measures: intelligent identifying battery, automatic shutdown. 8. Communication interface: Rs 232 c can connect the micro printer. Electronic platform scale parameter: built-in rechargeable battery, charging can be used on. Boot automatically zeros. Automatic zero tracking. Have weight, count, percentage of switching function; When the weight have weight sorting function. Power supply: ac 220 v ( ± 10/ 50Hz; 6 v / 4 ah (dc The built-in rechargeable battery operating temperature range: 0 ℃ and 40 ℃. Relative humidity: & le; 85汉堡规则。 Mesa size: 350450 mm, 450600 mm, 600600 mm with the cumulative number of function and can be eliminated weaves display and function. Two-way RS - is optional 232 interface, can be an external computer adhcsive printers, the firing pin type small printers, three color warning light. Laser welding sealing SSH sensor is suitable to the stainless steel dustproof IND226 instrument, balance body electrolytic polishing after-sales service: 1 product is real enough: the goods we never LongJia, each product is a genuine, are honest, please rest assured the choose and buy. 2 integrity is high enough, our company sincerely service for you, is a reliable business 3 to ensure good enough: our company all products are new products, quality assurance! As not all the new product, we double compensation! 4 after strong enough: strictly implement three packs of service, the products are sold on its quality problems ( For the work) Appearance no scratches: seven days replacement, one year warranty, more than the warranty, we only accept costs and provide quality service. Around 5 entity business: factories, companies, and national chain monopoly company integrity management, welcome trading company, we can sign the sales contract!
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