11 camera, record under 'disease' in a stable factory

by:Desing      2020-04-01
On March 12, 2020, now every Thai factory is loading for 30 days, 240 hours. This is the factory to return to work after an ordinary shop employee's working hours. The number of days to return to work for 30 days, but also factory. From February 15, 2020 to 2020 on March 15, just a month. At the same time, wuhan square hospital also has all the tank. Winter passed and spring really come, everything is getting better and better. From the beginning to return to work when the difficult, to the smooth functioning of the later. This month, every company through 'epidemic' of war days, anxiety, worry, orderly and relief. 。 。 。 。 。 The current epidemic, no man is an island. Unity, forge ahead, responsibility, and bear. 11 camera, record the current war under the 'epidemic' of all people. Zhang hao, operators 'I come here more than 3 years, ha ha. 'Song Xiaowei, inspection' test, the test accuracy of color, no is invalid. 'JingJinE, packers Chen Hanliang, packers Cai Zupei, pick up is expected to work' am I doing this packing machine. 'Li tao, workshop director' I don't have to clap, clap them. 'Venessappwong, director of the office of' today is a special period, these processes are to go again. 'Delivery' Stanford, warehouse ma hong, delivery inspection before, will take some quantity. 'Chen Yinfang, xiangyang, packers' we here is too dirty, you should give us look better. ”
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