2016 Qingdao exhibition road capitalization opportunities and challenges

by:Desing      2020-04-04
Zibo gold 2016 'walter machinery technology co. , LTD. Is committed to Qingdao the best proposal, you are welcome to visit the website and learn more about 2016 Qingdao exhibition related topics, know 2016 Qingdao exhibition road capitalization opportunities and challenges coexist, Tel:. Reading ( More about human resource management and leadership training, human resources management consulting and leadership training division, please Gu Junxin) Psychology of the following is a very typical and interesting story, classmates or friends to participate in the discussion of hope: there was a jewish seamstress bravely against jewish community opened a tailor's shop. In order to let him leave the neighborhood, a group of young men ran to his shop every day, Shouting to him! The jews! 'After a few nights of insomnia, the tailor came up with a solution. When a group of people went back to his shop, he announced that anyone who called him 'the jews', will get 10 points. Inspiration, this set of the second day of the man running more delighted to shout, the jews! The jews! 'The tailor smiled and gave each of the five COINS ( He explained that he can only pay so much today 。 This group of young people are pleased with left, five hair moneys, after all, is the money. In the next few days, a jewish tailor gave the young man a penny, and explains that he can't pay more money. Of course, is no longer a penny so encouraging, some young people began to protest the tailor. The tailor said that he can no longer pay again, young people either have to spend a penny, or went away. So, this group of young men decided to leave, before leaving, also in the tailor's yell: 'you only a penny, but also want us to call you a Jew, this is crazy! 'Please discuss this story and brainstorming: what is the profound meaning and significance of the story, it is combined with management process? This news source: http://www. shandongjinaiji。 com/news/36。 aspx
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