2018 China Sheep Net 'Sheep Industry Koi' Award Ceremony Notice

by:Desing      2021-03-22
The 2018 China Goat.com 'Sheep Industry Koi' awards ceremony will be held on October 31 at the '33rd Shandong Animal Husbandry Expo and the 4th (2018) Modern Animal Husbandry Equipment Exhibition'. The details of the event are now notified as follows:

  一、Activity introduction
   Event Name: Sheep Industry Koi Award Ceremony
  Venue: Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center Square, Shandong Province
   Event time: October 31, 2018
   2. Activities
   'Sheep Industry Koi' Award Ceremony Organizer: China Sheep Net
  (1) The guest of honor, Mr. Li Ping, Director of China Sheep.com, presents the prize to Mr. Kong Jianhua, the guest of the sheep koi
   (2) The guests at the event took a group photo with Mr. Kong Jianhua of 'Sheep Koi

   (3) Event site China Sheep Net Interview with Mr. Kong Jianhua, 'Sheep Koi'
   (4) Award-winning message content: Sheep industry koi, the welfare of the sheep raisers, the number of gifts does not matter, it is very important to give the sheep raisers a chance to get together, praise you! '(The number of likes is 408)
  (5) 'Sheep Industry Koi' Gift List

   3. About China Sheep Net
   China Yangyang.com, a subsidiary of Xinhai Internet, is a senior vertical portal for animal husbandry, as a large-scale information exchange platform to gain in-depth understanding of major media platforms in the industry; it also has Yangyangbao APP, Yangego Shopping Mall, Quarterly Magazine, and Yangyang WeChat Public accounts and major new media accounts, etc., can more accurately provide enterprises with media platform consulting suggestions and value-added services that meet their needs.
   Four, contact us (corporate cooperation)
   Li Ping

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   Xie Kun

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  Shi Xiaoshi

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