A cow cangue

by:Desing      2020-03-24
Facilitate cows baoding, can be in the cow head to gather the food flexible opening and closing, facilitate the vet or mating member regular checks on the cow, immune, artificial fertilization, pregnancy and treatment, to Angle, calving, reduce the labor intensity, improve work efficiency. Tradition neck yoke can only guarantee the tauren from in and out of the above, the establishment of agricultural development of a new type of neck yoke flexibility is great, can ensure the tauren from top and bottom neck yoke all can free access, therefore, their cows on sick cattle especially paralysis is of great significance. Cow cangue component includes: a cow cangue activities rod, stud, flapper, form a complete set of report CARDS, bolt and pin, etc. A cow cangue according to their different specifications. Through a cow cangue can guarantee the cows feed intake, fixed the cattle, and epidemic prevention and cattle breeding, treatment.
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