A cow cangue production standard updates

by:Desing      2020-04-03
We for our cow cangue user is very enthusiastic. This is an instance of today. Before a user and a 9119 - we need 2000 standard, we also and user said, now the standard has been transformed into 2010, that is to say, the standard update now. If you want a cow cangue to perform is 2010 standard products? Users said, however, they are just an installation unit, execution is what the user to the standard, they are also based on user's will of will. Of the so-called layer is a layer of pipe, the installation of the unit is our users, we will for their will. Just ready for signing of the contract. This is in fact some things also said Monday. A cow cangue factory performs standard, 9119 - And 9119-2000 2010 is basically no difference in it. This is a cow cangue together a cognitive by manufacturer. User said, we will according to user's cow flail, to perform. Attitude to serious, serious, after contract signed, we will carefully, carefully prepared the production, storage, acceptance, transportation, all to achieve perfection. This is our cow cangue factory's attitude to the user. Cow cangue from meat market reaction good prospects in recent years, with the improvement of people's living standard, a cow cangue consumer demand has become a new growth point, and the rural consumption demand is the most meat has a large potential market. So far, GanYu area scale of beef cattle breeding new 76905 square meters, a total investment of 176. 5 million yuan, a cow torment using standardized scale farming, beef cattle breeding areas in such beef cattle can reach more than 20000. Standardized scale beef cattle breeding, beneficial to fill the local consumer demand for beef consumption, promote agricultural efficiency and farmers' income. As countries on key policy tilt, animal husbandry cow cangue livestock to forage-saving varieties need of dietary structure, the adjustment and change of beef cattle industry development space is very big, also a cow cangue will become a big industry.
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