A foreign: turn to go, or the Great Wall of the tunnel

by:Desing      2020-04-10
Recently, a new cooperation with our company foreign least ground to say: 'buy products to shop around, but turned to go, feel or goods tunnel' of the Great Wall. The foreign used to purchase the products of our company for many times, both sides realize the mutual benefit and win-win results. Later, due to factors such as raw materials rise in price, our company raised the price accordingly. Theoretically it is caused by market factors, we also change the decision according to the market. But the foreign believes that his company's profits space is narrowed down, then pass to other manufacturers to buy rubber products. After a period of time after the cooperation with other customers, the feeling, the price of the Great Wall is high, but the quality guaranteed, reckoning, product cost-effective or buy the Great Wall. So, the foreign and the initiative to back to my company, to hold further negotiation with our new cooperation.
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