A variety of milking machine accessories correct installation position

by:Desing      2020-03-24
Milking machine to normal operation, then leave the various milking machine accessories, in addition to choose when buying equipment with accessories, its proper installation location is also very important. 1, vacuum gauge, vacuum gauge indicates the pressure level of milking machine accessories, it should seat in the back of the vacuum regulator and check the vacuum pump and vacuum regulator is working correctly. 2, vacuum regulator vacuum regulator should be installed between the interceptor and head a valve, but should be close to the interceptor. Due to the vacuum regulator is important, it should be installed in the periodic inspection, cleaning, maintenance is more convenient. 3, the position of the vacuum pipe should be installed in easy to clean, install a floating valve in the interceptor, when the fluid is too high in the interceptor, it will close the valve. When the vacuum pump stops working, export the valve will open automatically. To tie in with the normal work of the milking system, the capacity of the interceptor can not less than 15 l, the bigger the better. 4, vacuum and drainage pipes should be automatic drain valve type, low position, should be installed in a vacuum pipe to discharge the liquid into the pipeline. Various milking machine accessories position installed correctly, not only can greatly improve the work efficiency of milking machine, and to prolong service life, stable equipment operation has important role.
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