About dressage

by:Desing      2020-03-30
Primary role has the following five aspects: no matter how messy the action, the man and the horse looks relaxed, graceful natural and unrestrained, shows the highest art of riding position. Dressage is also known as dressage, is the foundation of equestrian sport, but many beginners, but ignore the nod and broad black brim hat, dressed in a dress suit, riding a tall canister boots, driving gao tou2 trotters handsome and pretty girl with a soothing melody, change the colorful dance. At the moment, no matter how messy the action and changeful, man and the horse looks so calm and graceful natural and unrestrained, shows the highest art of riding position. This is dressage is also called trick riding and dressage competition. Extreme manifestation of dressage horse and rider originated from 5 to the 4th century BC, the Greek people improve horse combat capability and training of dance moves, the development and progress of world civilization from the equestrian palace guards and military aristocracy skills evolve for the upper middle class gentleman self-restraint. The steps to change more in the 20th century have artistic quality and view and admire a gender, has become a competitive project, and was classified as the formal competition of the Olympic Games. People wear costumes, and the horse go dance. In the riding process, the rider and the horse a thorough, shows the power and beauty together, tone and rhythm, harmony and bold and unrestrained. Regardless of whether they are primary race course, or high-grade international competition, every action is the rider and the horse extreme performance test, while every race will let the audience listened to get the horse and his breathing. Competition in the 60 meters long and 20 meters wide. Riders in 12 minutes show various pace, end all kinds of coherent, normalized action. Dressage competition in 1912 Olympic competitions, divided into individual and team. Comes into play, riders and horses are dressed up is very beautiful, horse racing is wearing silk riding suit, a pair of the style of the gentleman, lady. The horse's coat was washed like satin, shiny mane comb also something on a chic. Competition actions are: a change in running, backward walk, a change in direction, oblique cross step, in situ sprang, rotation, the high-grade fancy riding. The order of the referee is on the basis of each movement and standards, according to the condition of the rider's attitude and demeanor, completion of difficult art and bring up to grade, out of 10 points. Every action is wrong, leakage and overtime shall be penalised, finally selects the score high or low resolution with this place. The highest scores ranking top. Watch the dressage competition, can from the degree of compliance, emphasis has been placed on the horses and horse rider's rein, feet, and ride to assist reaction ability, and harmony of players and horses movement cooperation to level of discrimination.
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