About the milking machine vacuum pump maintenance

by:Desing      2020-04-15
Vacuum pump is the power of the milking system components, its performance directly affects the performance of the milking machine, therefore, it is very important to its maintenance and maintenance. Inside the vacuum pump will never allow any tiny sundry into, or its performance will be affected by a lot of, even cause damage. Vacuum tank is come into the main channel, therefore, every time after milking to wipe its inner cavity. Also note that before the next milking as and sundry into, need to wipe again. The mesh of vacuum regulator to regular cleaning, keep clean, ensure the normal work of the voltage regulator. Must not in the absence of mesh boot, because it can make the stuff in the air into the vacuum pump. If the vacuum pump suction milk, must immediately stop, flush the vacuum tank and rubber tube, otherwise it will burn machine. My company foreign parts localization, which is convenient for the customer to buy used, at the same time reduces the cost, for the majority of farmers and related installation production enterprises to provide good quality service is our tenet, 'because professional, trustworthy'. Big customers, small fair treatment of customers, is committed to customer first, casting integrity of turbine, the good faith is the tie that contact you my services, your needs is our effort direction. Need to do the milking machine accessories friends want to contact us in time. Next article: milking machine accessories - Milk line to an article on the localization of road: milk on automatic metering system
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