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Qingdao Desing Farming Technology Co.,Ltd

As equipment manufacturer since 1993. We can provide:

*Two large factories covering 56000 m² (603000 sq.ft);

*170 skillful workers for enough productivity;

*12 professional engineers and strict quality control system;

*New product developing ability to suit different market;

*Lots of raw material is in stock, better resistance of price fluctuations

To ensure products quality and complicated design.


Advanced equipment includes: CNC Plasma cutting machine / CNC Punching machine, punching machine / CNC plate bending machine Plate Bending machine / Robot welding machine / Plate Clipping machine / CNC Pipe bending machine / Pipe shrinkage machine / Wire mesh welding machine.


Others like: Milling machine, grinding machine, saw machine, vertical lifting table milling machine, thread rolling machine, lathe drilling machine, egg arm drilling machine


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