Afraid of the cold natural rubber, truck into the train

by:Desing      2020-04-11
Shenyang rubber insulation kraal pad) : yesterday in the morning, HangRui high speed on a truck equipped with rubber or because of the fear of cold, after the friction nature into the train, 'train' scared passing motorists out in a cold sweat. Because the fire rapidly, and a great wind field, the vehicle from the burning large cargo of smoke. High-speed traffic police called immediately with fire, highways and other agencies to rescue, the fire is smooth control in a quarter of an hour. 5 PM yesterday, the provincial traffic police corps second team directly under a brigade received alarm, in HangRui high speed of 521 km, raised a nonlocal truck fire. According to alarm people, the scene the fire is very big, and so constantly pungent smell. The bidirectional passing vehicles are forced to halt. 'When we arrived at the scene, fire vehicles has become a' train ', have good company safety has escape. 'Arrived at the scene of the traffic police, said the smoke caused by burning, and unable to close near a fire vehicles, they can only inform other colleagues shunt from adjacent intersection traffic route, and to take temporary control, cooperate to put out the fire officers and soldiers. The reporter understands, fire officers and soldiers soldiers multiplexing to 'train' all-round saves, again in a pickup truck and the traffic police department charred waste. About a quarter of an hour later, the fire was well controlled, the scene caused no casualties. Just the fire site stranded dozens of vehicles, automotive rubber content is almost destroyed, loss is quite large. Shenyang rubber insulation kraal mat, as of yesterday, at 7 o 'clock car was towed away from the fire, the traffic has been fully restored. According to the truck driver analysis, the cause doubt is full of rubber friction heat production in the long time transportation, eventually produce high temperature combustion. At present, the fire department are detailed the fire for further investigation.
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