After Daniel calve can use milking machines, milking

by:Desing      2020-03-14
Within 7 days after the cow calving is colostrum, cannot use milking machines, milking. Manual to let the calf to eat. 7 - After 10 days of colostrum period, can use milking machine to squeeze. But should pay attention to the following: 1, wash the breast. By swabbing the cow breast to remove sludge on the surface of the plaque, again with disinfectant dipping nipples, massage breast, with hot half wet towel for breast swelling, milk vein summon up, a row of reflex, dry with a clean towel or disinfection paper nipples, then immediately a cup of milk. 2, scientific disinfection. Wipe the breast with the towel should be a cow, do not post or mixed. Use towels such as recycling, must be sterilized before use. When using a towel should be half wet condition, not dripping water. If use disinfectant wipes, need a cow a, cannot repeat use. Medicated bath disinfectant to often change, avoid by all means use a drug for a long time, to prevent microbial resistance; After the milk every day, to scrap the detergent, pesticide cup to keep the effective concentration. With cow mastitis, or should be at the end with standby milking machine milking, after strict cleaning and disinfection equipment. 3, judgment, milk quality. Out of one, two have a large number of microbes in the milk, so it should be a, the second put the milk into the appropriate containers, judge the quality of milk. Such as breast milk contains the floc, block, with blood, pus, thick strips or water indicates a breast inflammation, should be timely treatment, must never put the milk and other milk mixed with the same in a VAT of milk. Only recognized as the health of nipple and milk, milk can put on milk claw. 4, correct operation. Using milking machine milking, after being squeezed the machine makes information, close the valve, eliminate the negative pressure on the milk claw, stimulate the secretion of milk claw off gently, then use disinfection liquid medicine medicated bath nipples again. In open milk claw of avoid by all means under the condition of negative pressure firm pressure on milk claw, forced to make milk claw away from the nipples. As is known to all, there are many benefits of using an electric milking machine milk a cow, to improve and improve the quality of milk and health. For Daniel calve can use milking machine after milking was introduced to this problem, hope for your help.
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