Anhui stainless steel electronic scales feedback is good

by:Desing      2020-03-28
Anhui electronic scale stainless steel good feedback; Anhui before a company relates to said we want to buy an electronic scale, request choose stainless steel material; Range accuracy need: 5 t / 2 kg; Mesa dimension to 1. 5 * 1. 5米; After our company salesman in detail, and some of the detail of the communication, after successful received orders for the company; Has served the company calls, good feedback; Here, also thank you very much for our support and trust, we will continue to work hard, to bring better electronic scales; Shanghai heng just is electronic scale manufacturer, has a variety of different specifications and models of electronic scale spot supply; In addition, our electronic scale also can be customized according to user requirements; If you are interested in our electronic scales, might as well call our consulting oh; Electronic scale hotline: 021 - 67689703 electronic scale images: constant just after-sales service commitment: Shanghai heng just company has been the pursuit of lofty ideas, for clients to meet the needs of all, we take & quot; Zui low price and Zui Zui cow of good service, product quality & quot; The principle of commitment to you: (1) service tenet: quick, decisive, accurate, thoughtful, thorough service target: [2] the service quality to win customer satisfaction (3) service efficiency: warranty or warranty, such as equipment malfunction, the seller after receipt of notification, maintenance personnel can reach the scene and began to repair within 24 hours. Service principle: [4], product warranty for 12 months during the warranty period the supplier will be free repair and replacement of damaged parts belong to the quality reason, warranty parts damaged, only accept cost, provide fittings by the buyer's equipment damage caused by human factors, the supplier repair or provide fittings are at the cost price. My company technical personnel outside the warranty period is not regularly pay a return visit investigation users usage.
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