Animal husbandry equipment and equipment maintenance

by:Desing      2020-06-12
With the development of animal husbandry in Our country, more and more animal husbandry equipment has been put into the breeding industry. With the extensive use of livestock equipment, equipment maintenance has gradually become a topic of concern for farmers and breeding enterprises. Because the stand or fall that apparatus maintains, relate directly the length of its service life, also relate directly to the investment problem of farm capital. Therefore, the knowledge of animal husbandry equipment maintenance is also getting more and more attention from farms and farmers. What is animal husbandry equipment maintenance? Animal husbandry equipment maintenance is to maintain and protect the performance and technical status of the equipment by wiping, cleaning, lubricating and adjusting the animal husbandry equipment during the use of the equipment, and thus to extend the service life of the equipment. It is called animal husbandry equipment maintenance. What content does animal husbandry equipment maintain include? The contents of animal husbandry equipment maintenance generally include routine maintenance, regular maintenance, regular inspection and precision inspection. In addition, for some maneuvering equipment, equipment lubrication and cooling system maintenance is also an important part of the maintenance. Generally speaking, daily maintenance is the basis of equipment maintenance, so it must be institutionalized and standardized. The regular maintenance work of equipment needs to make work quota and material consumption quota, and conduct assessment according to the quota. Regular maintenance of equipment should be included in the assessment scope of livestock management responsibility system; Regular inspection is a kind of planned preventive inspection. Besides human senses, there should be certain inspection tools and instruments, which are carried out according to the regular inspection card. Regular inspection is also called regular spot inspection. In addition, the mechanical equipment should also be precision inspection to determine the actual accuracy of the equipment. What basic points should be paid attention to in equipment maintenance? 1. Cleaning: The inside and outside of the equipment shall be clean. No oil shall be smeared on each sliding surface, lead screw, rack, gear box, oil hole and other places. 2. Tidy: Tools, accessories and workpieces (products) should be neatly placed, pipes and lines should be in order; 3, good lubrication: timely refueling or oil change, constant oil, no dry friction phenomenon, normal oil pressure, oil standard bright, smooth oil road, oil meets the requirements, oil gun, oil cup, linoleum clean; 4. Safety: Comply with safe operation rules, do not overload the equipment, complete and reliable safety protection device of the equipment, timely eliminate unsafe factors.
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