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by:Desing      2020-11-19

Massage cows and blow fans to make them more comfortable; build sports grounds for breeding sheep to keep them fit; build incubators for piglets to prevent death from freezing... In recent years, more and more farms have advocated scientific breeding , Ecological feeding, healthy feeding. Ensuring the health of animals in farms is closely related to the interests of citizens. Good livestock welfare can reduce diseases and ensure that citizens' food baskets are safer.

   'Confinement' piglets live in the baby incubator on a bamboo bed

   Recently, the author came to the national-level Tianjin Ninghe original pig farm. I saw in the piglet breeding room of the black pig breeding farm that hundreds of sows were confinement here. I saw a big sow lying on a beige bamboo bed with ten little pigs happily suckling. This bamboo bed is 2.2 meters long, 70 cm wide, and about 0.3 meters above the ground. The bamboo bed is very clean. The author found that there is also an electric lamp above each bed, emitting a warm orange light. No flies or mosquitoes can be seen in the entire breeding house, let alone any smell, which is very surprising.

   The author noticed that beside each sow’s bamboo bed, there is a small red box with several little piglets lying in it. Secretary Li of the breeding farm told the author that this is an incubator for piglets. If there are piglets that are weak and underweight, they will be carefully taken care of in this incubator. Generally speaking, weak piglets generally have a low body temperature, so artificial warming is required. To this end, they put these frail piglets in an incubator and heated them for 24 hours to ensure that the temperature reached about 30°C. Without this incubator, weak piglets may die. Some piglets are too weak to grab the sow’s nipples or milk. At this time, the breeder will hug the little piglets to the sow and help them find nipples. Due to the adoption of humane animal welfare measures, the piglet survival rate is very high, and it also laid a good foundation for future healthy growth. Shi Junpeng, the person in charge of the breeding farm, said that because of the lack of these refined measures, the survival rate of piglets raised by some farmers is often very low, which seriously affects the efficiency of breeding; if the treatment is taken from an early age, it will be harmful to the growth of pigs. Accumulated drug residues are very bad for human health.

  Pulse milking simulation calf milking automatic scratching machine to give cows 'massage'

   The author saw in a modern demonstration dairy cow base in Wuqing District, Tianjin. Although the cows have not yet moved in, the owner has made a comfortable home for the cows in advance. The technician told me that the milking equipment is imported from abroad, which is very user-friendly. If the cow wants to produce milk, it will come to a machine to milk it, and it can also eat feed at the same time. However, this milking method is different from other large-scale mechanized milking of dairy farms, but uses pulsed milking. The advantage of this is that the cow has almost no pain, and it is not easy to induce mastitis.

   According to Wang Wenjie, an expert from the Municipal Animal Husbandry Research Institute, cows are not passively milked, but try to make the cows happy and free of pain. Practice has proved that cows with a relaxed and happy life can produce better milk. The milking here is managed automatically by intelligent machinery. When the cow comes to the milking machine, the robot laser calibration will accurately locate the position of the four nipples of the cow and send the information to the computer to help the breast pump and the nipple combine. Once the robot detects that there is milk flowing out, it will start milking. Each breast pump adopts an impulse simulation system to imitate the milking action of the calf, making it very comfortable for the cow to produce milk.

   The dairy cows here are completely humanized management. In addition to the humanized milking method, the milking time is also very free, which is completely determined by the cows themselves. Specifically, the cows here do not traditionally milk twice a day, but instead rely on themselves to decide when to milk. If the cow feels that the milk is rising, the cow will go to the milking parlour. In addition, the milking room is an open and comfortable design and will not be isolated from the herd, so that the cows will not have mental stress.

   The author saw that the breeding workshop here also has a cylindrical yellow brush, which is very strange. What exactly is it for? Wang Wenjie told the author that the name of this device is an automatic scratching machine for cows. If a cow feels itchy, it can automatically come to this brush, and the machine will immediately roll up to scratch it, which is similar to giving a massage to a person, which is a massage machine. Its advantage is that it is fully automatic scratching, which can improve the blood circulation of cows, clean the fur, and promote growth.

   Sheep breeding base built a sports field with a kilometer track for the sheep

   In Tuanbowa, Jinghai County, there is a national-level breeding base-Tianjin Aoqun Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. Over the past few years, they have invested heavily in the introduction and breeding of domestically needed breeding sheep: Australian Aries and Dorper sheep. In order to make the breeding sheep grow fast and have a strong body, they specially built more than 20 nearly one kilometer long circular track in the breeding farm. Every day at 8 am and 4 pm, the sheep will run out of the pen. , Came to the circular track for walking, running and fitness.

   Duan Chongjie, head of the Aoqun Animal Husbandry Production Department, told the author that breeding sheep walks and runs on the sports field every day to improve their physical fitness. Just like people, more exercise will make you stronger. From the perspective of breeding, breeding sheep is different from other mutton sheep, and must have good running and jumping ability; if the breeding sheep stay in the pen every day, it will affect its physical growth, and its physical fitness will decline in the long term. Build a track for breeding sheep, for them to receive sunlight, breathe clean air, and relax.

   The author saw at the Tianjin Aoqun Animal Husbandry Base that the breeding environment for breeding sheep here is very good. There are no polluting enterprises around the sheep farm, and the ecological environment is good. All the breeding sheep in the pen live on bamboo beds, and their feces are under the bamboo beds. The technician said that its advantage is that it will not let the breeding sheep and the feces together, and avoid the occurrence of various infectious diseases. In addition, all feces are cleaned by an automatic feces cleaner to ensure that there are no large amounts of feces remaining in the pen and the air quality is good. The feed is also highly nutritious and natural. Forage grass is a high-quality grass shipped from Inner Mongolia, with nutrients that are beneficial to the growth of breeding sheep. In order to allow the breeding sheep to fully absorb various beneficial nutrients, they also installed 'lick bricks' in each barn-an orange brick-like thing with salt and other micronutrients in it.

  In Tianjin Aoqun Animal Husbandry, all the breeding sheds are semi-transparent, with roofs, but the walls are replaced by plastic sheets. Its advantage is that it can be automatically put down when it is cold, and can be rolled up automatically when it is hot, so that the breeding sheep will not be frozen or heated. In order for the breeding sheep to drink clean water, they installed a clean water automatic drinking system. If the breeding sheep is thirsty, they can drink freely inside and outside the pen. Because of so many humane management measures, the breeding sheep grow faster and stronger.
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