Anti-static rubber kraal pad installation method

by:Desing      2020-04-09
Anti-static rubber kraal pad installation method: first of all, before laying, must understand the basic situation on the ground, the ground is very smooth if cement or terrazzo surface and ceramic tile surface, wood floor, only can be laid, the ground must be neat and clean, no uneven phenomenon, do not appear many small pits, concave and convex and also needs to have a sufficient strength on the ground, not on sand and no the phenomenon of shell, keep the floor dry, this is the premise of the ground laid of anti-static products. Second, the use of cleaning fluid and cleaner clean the ground clean, ground laid, connected to the grid using the thickness of 0. 25 mm, the width of 2. Article 5 cm of the copper bar, concrete copper the flatness of the width to determine the length and the number of how many can, are generally between two or three meters using a copper bar, however, when put the copper bar will at the other end of the position toward the outside of the earth grounding. Finally, after rolling out the grounding lead grid, anti-static rubber kraal pad according to the method, in turn, laying on the ground. If bottom gap is very big, can use a knife to cut, let the gap as much as possible. Where there is a small gap after daub glue, on the ground to dry for about twenty minutes, try it with the hand, not glue the hand. Base at the time of operation, methods as above, all done, rolled several times, with a heavy shaft under normal temperature for 2 days after can be normal use.
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