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by:Desing      2020-05-04
Special for some relative products, such as fire fighting equipment of form a complete set production warehouse, to prevent electrostatic affect production, according to the customer's application environment, we are certainly choose anti-static rubber sheet series products. Then the specific product appearance and specifications choice whether there are new changes, this is we must carry on the topic of today. Usually anti-static rubber products shop is in the warehouse, production workshop ground and work station face, supporting the ground grounding and anti-static mesa and auxiliary materials. A new generation of anti-static products, in addition to consider the basic aspects of antistatic performance, also need to comfort considerations when working, then fatigue is also known as the new factory, workshop and other workplace mainstream topic of floor MATS. Implement the anti-fatigue performance, in addition to product formula, the most important thing is to design the antifatigue effects of the product. Traditional production point of view, we can control the reasonable hardness, has a certain concave-convex structure, now we are through the special pattern of the front design to achieve this, such as willow leaf veins on the market the most widely, five bar lines, such as hemispherical online composite symmetrical design, not only is the design pattern on the surface, more products on the back of the supporting structure, reasonable design of product yield strength design makes this product after a small vehicle also unscathed. Of course, such as regular size 900 ( 600). Hypotenuse, unlimited joining together with all of this is the design trend of the most widely, have the intention of customers can also take the initiative to contact us, 3 hours to provide tailor-made solutions.
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