As PVC construction WeiDang used widely, it is particularly important how to identify strengths and weaknesses

by:Desing      2020-04-01
PVC horse farm fence the cause of the popular with the masses not only as long as these, it can get so many people recognized key lies in its application value is far beyond the applicable value of similar goods. In the future, the fence will from time to time to innovate, to provide more high quality applied effect. PVC construction fence in daily use more and more in the brake device engineering, for example in the neighborhood of the hippodrome enclosures fence, garden, community lake, etc. , not only the price is moderate, and plastic racecourse guardrail is beautiful. But with the increase of demand of racetrack fence, the emergence of numerous PVC guardrail manufacturer from time to time, how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the PVC horse farm fence has also become a? Course! Choi steel walls using caigang sandwich panels do metope, in front with a metal square tube or Angle do WeiDang skeleton, horse gate control into a plastic horse farm fence with metal party stereotypes tripod, reoccupy galvanized Angle iron tripod might shrink bolts. This product has good stability, weather resistance, anti dumping ability strong, beautiful and uniform, deformation, easy installation, removal, transportation, can use repeatedly, and capital is low. Especially suitable for roads, Bridges and other linear deeper civil construction site and foundation. About traffic, wealth safe maintenance effect, about the dust noise, caigang uglification city walls carry on positive role choi steel temporary fence characteristic; Choi steel wall steel post temporarily, double-sided color sandwich steel or single color pressed steel after bolt connection and into. Use color steel plate fixed on the fence for a temporary site isolation, convenient and can be repeatedly used. PVC parapet has the following characteristics: 1. 2 profile quality and lining steel quality good. Design and assembly, device structure scientific and reasonable identification method 1. Professional organization for testing may require manufacturers to provide testing documents! Normal material manufacturers will have such a test certificate of 2 guardrail construction, the end of cohesion between plates smooth, straight in a straight line; Plate and plate gap, there shall not be in namely otc cannot see floor construction, WeiDang set along the red light maybe intervals with peace reflective cone is used to alert at night. 3. WeiDang specification, footing with M10 cement mortar masonry MU10 shale brick brick 0. 5 * 0. The warp and woof of 5, to strengthen WeiDang wind volatility; PVC WeiDang set 2. 5 meters high and 3 m wide for a plate.
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