Balata floor is the most important indicator in several detection is introduced

by:Desing      2020-04-03
Rubber flooring as a high-end rubber kraal mat shop product, the product characteristic has a unique advantage. Considering customer recognition on the part of the need to detect parameters as certain standards, rubber kraal mat today small make up take detailed introduce harmful material, flame retardant characteristics, the rubber floor detection of important indicators. First of all, the rubber flooring products usually need to take into account several indicators, vinyl chloride monomer, soluble heavy metals, volatile matter, benzene, toluene and xylene. These parameters are given the rubber floor in actual use, the various impact of the test. Vinyl chloride monomer, soluble heavy metals, volatile matter of test results, generally need to comply with national mandatory standard GB18586 - 2001 < < Interior decoration decorates material harmful material set limit to of PVC coil floor & gt;> Limited specification; Benzene, toluene + test results must be in accordance with national mandatory standard GB18583 - xylene 2001 < < Harmful material set limit to in indoor decoration materials adhesive & gt;> Limited specification. Secondly, considering the modern building materials to the requirement of fire resistance, rubber floor also need to test the combustion performance. Material must be in accordance with flame retardant ( Floor) The requirements of the material. According to the GB - 8624 1997 decision, combustion performance of materials to achieve GB 8624 B1 ( The foundation material) In general. Finally, with reference to GB/T4085 - 2005 HG/T3747. 1 - - - - - - - 2004 GB / T17657 - 1999 standard, for the product of the degree of hardness, residual sag, tear strength, bending resistance, resistance to cigarette calcination size, heating rate, surface pollution resistance and abrasion resistance are tested. Rubber kraal mat
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