'Ballet' of equestrian dressage

by:Desing      2020-03-27
Dressage - — 'Ballet' of equestrian on January 4, at present the Olympic equestrian competition is divided into dressage competition game three, jumping, and 3. The dressage is also known as 'ballet' of equestrian competition. Dressage looks be like simple, but also has to play euqally, general equestrian enthusiasts may children will want to try to practice it. About learning the dressage, be fond of, not only many riders will also has some understanding erroneous zone. Why? Between man and the horse dressage demand more patience, more love, more delicate, more emotional communication. Trainer said before, all steps equestrian power power in the world, not the warp and woof of dance, obstacle is couldn't get on. He even joked that why the dance competition is set reciprocate, reciprocate and obstacles is action and cannot stand due to obstruction of the rider, stand stand nor limbs founder. China alone a Olympics moves the rider soriano g give us translation of '101 steps simply riding' hair of speech: dance is root, dance is the sublimation. What is dance? That we take a look at what is steps, because a word translation errors, bring dance fence for hundreds of years of regret. Steps, dressage from English word dressage, actually moves fence it's a French word, means horses set-up, from DiaoXun of horses. Dressage should translate for dressage is more appropriate, because the dressage fence it is the warp and woof of equestrian sport, from 4 - BC The 5th century. Continuously until the beginning of the 20th century, became more artistry and appreciation sex, racetrack enclosures for competitive equestrian enclosure movement, especially at the Olympic Games is going to 1912 years. Why to jump? Why the fore spinning? Why the hippodrome fence hind legs rotating? Why should salute the halt? Jump kick dressage fence is when a pile of infantry riding fences around you, kill a way out. It is not difficult to understand why the ancient dance judge rules, no matter what pace, horses have the motivation and the marching, hind legs step rotation also not just move, must have the expansion step, can quickly change to the next move, you cut perfect to hide on the battlefield, want to go to the next objective. So when it comes to dressage, each docent love says people wear costumes, horse go dancing, yes, but that's just dressage competitions, but because of the increasingly deepened everyone's distortion. Dressage one word, can know to dance competition, and can understand the basic Dressage, sometimes with a flat work, namely the altitude training. What steps are to practice? If someone asks, what steps that to practice? I will reply, quick, quick, and running. Actually this three kinds of pace just horse of the root, cooperate to halt, move forward, stop, forward, the pace of transformation and direction transformation, like driving a car, you learn nothing more is to start, go straight, turn, to go forward, who will learn drift and air change tire. You finish running in precise point B to trot, end to point B, complete a 15 m running circle, in a 20 x40 to make 3 - in the field 5 big snake transform, such as complex again, you three laps, ensure that each such as big, round, such as complete these steps, we'll have a talk to sit on. The dance moves so difficult, will the be fond of learning? What to see and than, if compared to run the circle, indeed difficult also drab. But now that is a technology, is the ability to learn and master, and compared with obstacles, earlier can participate in the primary race, is not important, see the horse understand your intent, and complete the move with you, no comparison of horses with which you want to go running big circle. Whether or not to is primary other then the line? Since the dressage is to set-up a horse, what do you still worry? All say dance warmblood is necessary? That's warmblood size, structure is more easy to set-up, make moves more beautiful, you take a half-blood horse not set-up, than as a mature GuoChanMa set-up, no setups half-blood horse is a horse cart. So cultivating and training is very important.
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