Barrel RACES and wear pile competition rules in the western United States

by:Desing      2020-03-29
Barrel racing from the country in the western United States, is one of the cowboys in the later game. As the game held from time to time, gradually realize the cowboy is very interested in barrel and competitive, it was forged the sensitivity of the horse, and advances the degree of the rider's ride, and do not delay the second day of work at the same time. So the people involved in the more and more, and gradually carried out of the game will be a race. Barrel racing is very popular in the United States today, various levels of all sizes events often from time to time, and one of the most famous have NBHA barrel championships, the United States grand prix, super barrel play game and youth groups around the barrels championship, the highest bonus of $1 million. The event has routinized, all kinds of requirements is fragmentation. Jockey, in the United States has a great influence. They also deliberately created a strain of horses, as the current competition white-hot violent high degree track fences around the barrels. Currently sold in the United States around the bucket specification field recorded the fastest results for 12 seconds 65. This is a considerable interest in sex, mass of equestrian sports. Because it does not demand a lot of space, equipment is only three petrol tank, and both male and female, old and young, does not limit the types of horses, a riding root equestrian fans all can participate in. Barrel and the barrel racing competition rule one is to use 3 instead of barrel, according to the clover leaf shape is put a scheduled event. In the arena to identify according to the specification, scale, standardization of interval placed three iron drum for round logo. Second, start the door of the competition must is the same throughout the competition. Start from the beginning line, after the first round 1 barrel, around 2 barrels, again after around 3 barrels, running through the finish line, the competition is completed. Three, start and finish lines and three barrels of status is sign of the eternal is divided and throughout the competition. Competition venues air conditions required in the whole race is divided, in 10 contestants, after the completion of the sides of the barrel to arrange paving. Four, a participant ride a horse race, the horse nose through the start line any time start timing, with horses nose through the finish line for timing. Start line and complete line for the same line. Five, the contestants if run wrong position will cancel. Set without any iron drum or not according to the rules of the lines and effective competition results. No results 6, competitions, and knocked the bucket. If the barrel was knocked or knocked down and then stand up as no results. Touching the barrel has not been knocked down is allowed, not punished. If the barrel was moved to put back in situ, competitors at any time to stop hand touch. Seven, the contestants fall from a horse in the competition, or horse riding without results. A horse can only participate in a ( Two rounds) Competition. Eight, when a horse race, do not allow the other horses into the field. No results, the player has to separate site immediately. Nine, competitions, and require the use of clothing decoration in the western United States. Including the western style of shirt, a cowboy hat, a pair of cowboy boots and a pair of jeans and belts. No one may violate the rules. Ten, must use a shepherd in the western United States, harness and water. Not allowed to use the SAN Antonio spurs, their horses. Wear pile and barrel race in the United States belong to a special woman's farewell contests. At the club competition and regional competition, men and women can participate in wear pile; Wear piles were set up as in RODEO shepherds racing events, it is woman's proprietary competitive project.
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