Before using the cow milking machine work of stimulus

by:Desing      2020-03-24
Before using the cow milking machine milking, to stimulate the work for milking the cow breast. Work smoothly is very good, so what is this principle? Usually the cow milking machine in the breast milk cup before to stimulate, including clean and dry the nipple, to the nipple and breast massage and the first 2 to crowd out 3 the milk. In the process of preliminary stimulation, nipple accepted stimulate nerve endings, lactation reflection was formed. When the cow milking machine milk cup come into contact with the cow nipple, oxytocin has already started to work on mammary gland bubble around, formation of lactation reflection leads to the secretion of milk. Shorter milking time, high-speed flow of milk, more effectively, milking earlier to remove milk cup group, will be the appropriate stimulating massage the benefits obtained in advance. Since lactation reflection when milking machine contact breast has been formed, the milk is rarely the flow curve of two peaks. This means that the stored in the breast milk and mammary gland bubble in pool is almost at the same time the flow of milk, it is advantageous to the nipple. Stimulation can manually, also can be finished by the machine, but through practice found that manual/machine to imitate the massage effect is good. It is important to note that to stimulation of manual operations, must pay attention to grasp the ways, it may also cause the opposite effect, influence after the use of the cow milking machine.
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