Boxer, spring starts

by:Desing      2020-03-30
Because of a sudden outbreak, we had a long and special holiday. On February 15, according to all that Thai suye ushered in the start to the first day of the every Thai suye already broadly, please rest assured orders at home and abroad customers. The current epidemic, the nation still fight against this war of no gunpowder smoke, and each big enterprise also gradually entered the stage of construction. During the outbreak, I company respond to a nation, local control requirements, has taken many measures, efforts to do a good job in the prevention and control work, determined to prevent the spread of spread, completes the epidemic prevention work. In order to ensure the epidemic prevention work safe, every Thai suye, temperature, personnel register on a daily basis, spraying disinfection and strict protection, in accordance with the unified deployment of the government, to the construction of various prevention measures, scratching, thin, implement the policy of 'prevention first, safety first', provide a safer environment to return to work and production. / can't overstep, plant protection does not have a winter without a spring never comes, winter in the dark, despite the long night, but still can not keep out the dawn light. On March 2, 2020 morning, the epidemic prevention and control of zhejiang province emergency response level from primary to secondary. As of March 1 2020 0 - 24, no new cases in the city, the city has no new cases for 11 days. Despite the current epidemic, the enterprise after the return to work and production appeared many difficulties and challenges, but under the support and assistance of the government, our company has gradually began to restore stable production, under the current severe form, our company will give full play to the outbreak of rebound, vitality, strength and cohesion, efforts to promote the economic rebound in 2020, during the outbreak of economic development, to achieve goals, total 2020 economic development efforts. The leadership of the government, under the loving care in every Thai suye under the joint efforts of all staff, under the support of the majority of the old and new customers, every Thai suye with confidence, strive for, seize the day is not long. The New Year, we will not forget the beginner's mind, dreams, set sail again. Welcome customers at home and abroad to our company consulting horse farm fence, the racecourse guardrail, walk a horse, horse farm equipment, stable, barrier bar materials such as PVC guardrail, our company will provide you with better quality, more efficient, more professional service. We firmly believe that, when the spring, was unharmed, all peace in the world.
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