Buy insulation rubber kraal pad should be 'identified'

by:Desing      2020-04-11
Market stall selling insulating rubber pad of too many merchants, let's pick up some difficult, want to buy good cost performance goods, sellers Shouting alone are not enough, as a buyer, you will want to buy for you the insulation rubber kraal pad 'identified' first. Insulating rubber sheet from top to bottom surface should be no harmful irregularity. Harmful irregularity refers to one of the following characteristics, namely uniformity damage, damage to the surface smooth contour defects, such as holes, cracks, local uplift, incision, mixed conductive foreign body, creasing, gap, concave and convex ripple and casting marks, etc. When buying shenyang rubber kraal pad to pay attention to the appearance quality of rubber stall MATS and rubber byre mat color, the colour and lustre of rubber kraal pad itself is golden, lit, carbide rubber kraal pad is tan or brown, even color and luster. When buying insulating rubber kraal pad to check the paint quality of rubber kraal pad. Methods: under the floor light is good, see the surface bubbles, pitting, orange peel phenomenon, then look at the paint is rich, full, level off. On the plate transverse, interception of 200 mm x 20 mm sample 3, on the tensile test, and can be clear whether the shoddy, jerry. Buy rubber insulation kraal mat is be sure to check the immanent quality of rubber kraal pad. Check the inner quality first to see material pledge. Material available hand and eye view, if the floor in my hand is lighter, insulating rubber kraal pad that USES is NenZhu; If the eye view its texture, this bamboo is not fresh, bamboo is older. Insulated pad harmless irregularity refers to the process of formation of the surface irregularity. Buy insulation rubber kraal pad must be observed when view the structure of the rubber kraal pad is symmetrical balance can be from rubber byre at both ends of the cross section, is in line with the principle of symmetrical balance, if accord with stable structure. The insulating rubber kraal whether the floor of the cushion layer and interlayer bonding closely with both hands to break off, whether will be layered. Insulating rubber kraal pads are widely used in electric power industry, physical and mechanical performance is good, with excellent insulation properties, can be in dry - 35 ~ + 100 ℃ air coefficient of mediation electric demanding work environment. In the performance of insulation board is related to the daily production operation, so when buy must understand relevant knowledge. Related: what is the insulation rubber kraal mat?
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