Calibration detection of milk metering bottles for cow milking machine accessories

by:Desing      2020-03-03
Milk metering bottle is one of the commonly used parts of milking machine. It is an important indicator for measuring the amount of milk. If the scale is not accurate, it will cause certain errors, therefore, it is necessary to learn to test the scale of the metering bottle. The method of detecting whether the milk metering bottle of milking machine parts is accurate is actually very simple. Pour 100 of water into the measuring cup, and then pour the water into the milk metering bottle, look at the difference between the bottle scale and the scale in the measuring cup, and whether the scale is accurate. What if it's not accurate? That is simple. The 100ml water in the measuring cup is displayed as 110ml in the milk measuring bottle, and then 10ml will be automatically subtracted from the scale of the milk measuring bottle when pouring water; If it is displayed as 90 ml, then 10ml is automatically added. And so on, get the milk metering bottle scale. If the milk metering bottle scale and the actual capacity difference is too far, will directly affect the user's judgment, it is recommended to replace. Of course, when purchasing milk metering bottles for milking machine accessories, you should do some inspection to avoid trouble in use.
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