Desing cattle handling equipment series is widely praised by customers. Desing cattle equipment is certified by various qualifications. We have advanced production technology and great production capability. Desing livestock handling equipment has many advantages such as reasonable structure, excellent performance, good quality, and affordable price. Based on customer demand, Desing provides quality services for customers and chases for long-term and friendly cooperation with them.

26 years design and producing experience.

Be familiar with habit of cattle provide service of turnkey project

Unique customized plan is available for each farm.

Farmer can get one stop shop here.

Panel, gate, weighing crush, ramp, feeder, 

All the equipment details design aim to make cow happier.

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Desing factory has been a professional livestock cattle equipment manufacturer since 1993, there is a variety of cattle equipments in Desing cattle machine factory, examplified by cattle fence for cattle farming management, livestock weighing scales for cattle, cattle loading ramp etc., which are made of stainless metal and processed with high craftmanship during cattle equipment manufacturing. Desing livestock equipment factory is here to bring out the best of various cattle equipments and serves cattles well. In a bit to meet more and more customer's demands in livestock equipment, Desing also provides global customers with one-stop bespoke cattle equipment service at most competitive factory price. Customers of all sourcing for livestock farming equipment are welcome to shoot us an email for quotation regarding Desing livestock equipment supplies.


Features of Desing cattle equipment for your reference:


Galvanized cattle head bail:
Desing galvanized cattle head bail has been certified by both ISO and CE, such galvanized cattle head bail functions as cattle squeeze chute. Weight in 103kg, Desing cattle squeeze chute is one kind of stainless steel galvanized cattle head bail, which comes with rubber wheels to minimize noice during sliding.


Desing cattle loading ramp:

Desing cattle equipment is featured with large capacity for wholesale cattle handling equipments. Desing cattle loading ramp serves for a bridge for cattle walking to truck, designed in a match with sizes of all cattles, easy for cattle farmer to handle cattle. With weight in 350 kg, Desing cattle loading ramp is capable of bearing heavy cattles. Not only does Desing loading ramp fit for cattle handling but also for other livestock handling. 


Desing cattle hay feeder:
Desing cattle hay feeder functions for all livestock hay feeders, with weight in 75.6kg, stainless metal mesh length in 75*50*5 mm, Desing cattle hay feeder is a perfect choice for livestock raising.


Desing durable cattle yard:

Desing stainless cattle yard is with cattle fence panel gate which is convenient for cattles to come in or out, Desing cattle yard is made from pre-galvanized pipe and processed with excellent workmanship in surface treatment.


Desing cattle crush:

Desing cattle crush is with weighing function to weigh and check cattles when in need. This cattle crush's max loading bears highly up to 1,500 kg cattles. Livestock scale in Desing cattle crush is optional, customers could order Desing cattle crush as they need.

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