Cattle milking parlour cleaning process

by:Desing      2020-04-07
- - - - - - 0 - 0 cattle milking parlour cleaning process directly reflect the economic benefits of the milking parlour is ranch, milking parlour at the same time shoulder the performance effect of multiple departments. So, work with more pressure and responsibility, in the daily work of supervision and inspection, strict requirements employees in accordance with the standard operation procedure, to ensure the quality and the quality of milk. Maintenance of equipment on a regular basis, reduce the frequency of failure damage, ensure effective milking time. A, staff training and process at the core of the pasture is milking parlour, so must have a standard process and management, to ensure the normal operation of production. Milk regularly to staff internal training, including milking operating procedures, equipment cleaning and various indicators of control and so on. Generally adopt the method of the new and old staff collocation, a pair of pass shall be implemented for new employees, help, take the policy of the new employees into the milking parlour team as soon as possible. And formulated a series of strict and transparent solution, mainly include the performance appraisal scheme, team competition, mastitis exposed incentive system, etc. , to motivate employees to make a commitment to work. Second, the cleaning and disinfection of the milking process. Check when milk sterilization order will first in the cows into the milk station to do immediately disinfection rotary milking machine, prevent bacteria cross infection. Before and after the liquid medicine is protection of mastitis morbidity, solution concentration Gao Huiyou better effect. Modern animal husbandry of the specification before and after medicated bath concentration of disinfectant, the need when not less than 000 PPM disinfection disinfection grips vertical uniform spray, ensure each milk area, at the bottom of all round the tit can cover all. For a milk area dirty place can prolong spraying, have the effect of nipple cleaning, and completely kill the bacteria in the dirt. 。 Inspection work procedure, inspection immediately after disinfection milk milk by artificial milk way, each breast area before the milk the cow out and discard, such as found in the milk curd piece, can be squeezed to the milk, if still have curd piece can be diagnosed with mastitis, if not, it is normal; Identify the exposure of the milk quality and mastitis cows, and make records ( Confirmed by the appraisal for mastitis cows, with yellow dot marking at the bottom of the cow hind limbs, hocks upside for milk before, after the hocks lower for milk area, left and right hind limbs represent about milk area) ; Found abnormal bulls or abnormal breast area, make relevant record and mark, and told the set of cups, such as mastitis, on the other hand, blood milk, milk area necrosis, nipple, nipple trauma frostbite, nipple pore thin, etc. ) 。 。 Cleaning wipes nipple milking arm will touch the breast, from time to time to prevent cross infection, need every crowded 0 cows, arm a sterilized milk, disinfection & gt; 0 seconds later, the four corners area with dry clean towel to wipe after a milk area, four milk area will turn a towel to wipe it again ( Wipe down) Strictly to ensure that a cow with a towel, in accordance with the first two breasts before wiping area at the same time, wipe again after two breasts in order operation; If the cow body is dirty, may be related to the natural environment, milk area is dirty, can use two pieces of towel to wipe, until a brush try clean. Note when brush try to wipe order is back by the former, check whether the nipple surface dirt is erased, guarantee the dry cleaning, clean towels and dirty towel placed separately. Wipe the process of test, test technique is also very important to holding the nipples, about the screw with the hand, not only can better clean the nipple can also have very good massage effect. Every nipple use the technique of is four against four, can go to a good brush try effect and need to use a towel for each milk the mammary gland in friction disinfection.
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