cattle squeeze crush manufacturer
cattle squeeze crush manufacturer

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*Two large factories covering 56000 m² (603000 sq.ft);

*170 skillful workers for enough productivity;

*New product developing ability to suit different market;

*Lots of raw material is in stock, better resistance of price fluctuations

Ensure Products Quality & Complicated Design

Advanced equipment includes: CNC Plasma cutting machine / CNC Punching machine.etc

Others like: Milling machine, grinding machine, saw machine, vertical lifting table milling machine

27 Years of Design & Manufacture Experience

27 Years of Design & Manufacture Experience,own 9 patented products.
High productivity 60 containers/month is available.

whole cattle handing system/dairy barn project/horse stable barn project

Cattle Squeezing Crush Chute With Weighing Scale

1.How scale work?

 (1.) Weight sensor get pressure, send out by wire. 

 (2.) Connecting box translate pressure data to voltage data.

 (3.)Display-er show weight data base on voltage data.


2.Cattle Squeeze Details:
  Body squeezing part: width is adjusted to squeeze different boy.
  Back door is rubber roller desigh.
  Adjustable front door with 5 gear.
  Can be operated by one hand.
  Round type design and smooth surface.
  Every Part is machine standardization production.To ensure better  parts replacement.
  Welded by skilled workers.Color  power coated finished(not painted).Result in better 
    appearance ,so better retail price.

  If don’t need body squeeze function and adjustable front door. unit price will be down US$630


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