Caused by leakage problem of milking machine accessories

by:Desing      2020-03-20
Before milking machine accessories market must pass all aspects of the inspection, all piping, joints, etc should conform to the hygiene standards. But later there will be leakage phenomenon in the use, the reason usually has the following points. 1, the larger cause of the leak is milking machine accessories hose did not put in place within the quick joint, then you just need to pull the hose reinsert, hose inserted in place with handle, after the lock. 2, milking machine accessories hose surface is strain, have obvious trench caused leak. In this case, will the injured section of hose to remove or replace the hose, strict operation specifications and intubation. 3, to check whether there is sundry influence within the joint sealing. If there is a need to wipe out. 4, milking machine accessories and improper operation, such as reasons, need to check the pipe plug, rubber washer joint is complete. If there is something wrong with the milking machine accessories post-processing undeserved tend to leak problem, make the user annoyance, waste of resources. Hope the above content will be helpful to you.
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