Characteristic of rubber mat

by:Desing      2020-04-14
Rubber mat widely as a new kind of pavement material in kindergartens, schools, nursing homes, a gym, sports venues, public walkway. Why the rubber mat so promising? Under the insulating rubber kraal pad to tell everyone about the characteristics of the rubber mat with! 1, rubber mat, non-toxic, no stimulation to the human body, no pollution, mouldproof, no breeding ground for microbes. Rubber mat by the national authoritative department safety tests, nontoxic and harmless, no pollution, no stimulation, no radioactive. 2, rubber mat, norms diversity, rich colors, not reflective, facing the beauty is generous, rubber mat can be combined at random out of a variety of patterns. 3, rubber mat, construction is convenient, rubber MATS available adhesive after laid, can be directly laid, laid without any auxiliary material such as glue, convenient diy cutting, rubber mat color optional combination. 4, rubber mat good pressure resistance, impact resistance, rubber mat large friction coefficient, elastic, can have the function of shock absorption non-slip, has the high protection performance. Rubber mat in the community of hard and soft elastic, soft rubber mat is a vision, the foot feels comfortable, relax, can play a good safety, health to human body health care function. 5, rubber mat weatherability, heat resistance performance is good, good ultraviolet resistance performance, can meet the needs of different places. 6, rubber mat, water resistant performance is good, the rubber mat surface easy to clean, good maintenance. Insulating rubber kraal pad
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