Characteristics of herringbone milking machine milking parlour

by:Desing      2020-04-08
Milking parlour with herringbone milking machine features: 1, easy to upgrade: the major parts of the production technology and producing herringbone milking, the user can according to actual needs, choose to increase off automatically system, automatic cleaning system, automatic metering system, thus improve the degree of automation. 2, automatic metering: wireless remote data acquisition system, the number is displayed on the LCD screen to the public, data directly into the data acquisition system, and management system. 3, automatic cup: mainly used to control the pulsation of the milk cup group, massage, automatic peeling and automatic cleaning, automatic group ascension and release the milk cup, reduce the labor intensity of workers. 4, free space: milk hall right tunnel depth, milking member have the operation of the free space, can easily come into contact with bovine breast, for milking operation. Rich 5, specifications: can also be on the basis of the basic model, through the increase or decrease in different types of aircraft parts, so as to adapt to different secrete milk dairy group assignments.
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