Check the importance of milking machine every year

by:Desing      2020-03-02
In order to ensure the normal use of the milking machine, in addition to the daily maintenance work and the inspection of various accessories, a major inspection should be carried out every year to solve the problems that may exist in the equipment in time. In the usual use process, in addition to the inspection and maintenance of various accessories, the milking equipment engineer should conduct a comprehensive test and inspection of the equipment every year to ensure the normal operation of the milking equipment, then repair or replace the problematic milking machine equipment in time according to the suggestions of professional operators. Every year, professional technical engineers should conduct a comprehensive test and inspection of the equipment, which is very important to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The repair or replacement part recommended by the engineer shall be carried out immediately. It should also measure the degree of vacuum, measure the amount of vacuum reserve, check the vacuum regulator, measure the pulsation performance, and check the system comprehensively, such as cleaning the vacuum pump, replacing the milk pump diaphragm, etc. Any problems found in the equipment during the inspection should be solved immediately. The annual inspection of the milking machine is comprehensive, and the performance of the equipment can be judged from various aspects. At the same time, the problems of the equipment are solved in time to avoid trouble in normal use.
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