Chemical plant with explosion-proof electronic platform scale

by:Desing      2020-03-30
Chemical plant with price of explosion-proof electronic platform scale, electronic platform scale is the use of electronic strain components stress deformation principle of tiny analog electrical signal output, the transmitted signal cable to the weighing display instrument, weighing operation and display the results of weighing instrument, the operation is simple, with a heavy, manual buttons, check in advance, simple counting, switching net gross cumulative and cumulative display, and other functions, welcome customers call advisory. Platform scale photo: electronic platform scale product features: with double color ED charging instructions, clear instructions to charge condition. Mining has the design of tactile, electronic platform scale buttons using 3 m high waterproof glue. Electronic platform scale shell using ABS plastic material, long service life. Short of a clear power low voltage display. With functions of well designed protection point of transport. This electronic platform scale USES large LCD CD showed clear and easy to read, with functions of E backlighting. Electronic display meter can adjust the appropriate Angle. Optional: RS232 and RITER card interface or REAY function. Electronic platform scale technology parameters: the mode of A/D conversion: & Sigma; Δ Transformation way A/D conversion rate: 20 times/SEC maximum number of A/D conversion: 20 bit input signal range: - 10 ~ 15 mv video input sensitivity: & ge; 1μ V/e sensor for C5V bridge power supply; Optional: RS232 output interface and RITER card. After-sales service: about products, we supply all the products are all normal manufacturer production, provide replacement for seven days after purchase, one year warranty, life-long maintenance services! About the price: the price is reference price, for details, please consult customer service staff! About the freight, the freight can be negotiated by both parties, small Courier, large logistics can go, if the specified mode of transportation please explain in advance! Of delivery: users arrive, our staff would immediately to confirm your order, if we have a spot, remittance must arrange delivery in the day, out of stock, we will inform you and tell you exactly a few days will be able to deliver, usually 3 - 5 days can ensure the delivery. In the process of transportation, we will inform the customer the goods have been issued and provide logistics company number and will track the goods, to solve customer's worries.
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