Classification of industrial rubber kraal pad

by:Desing      2020-04-10
Rubber kraal mat type variety, production stall any kind of rubber cushion rubber material, are the main body material and all kinds of chelating agent to cooperate together, form a system of multicomponent materials, in which each component plays a role. For example, vulcanization system [including crosslinking agent ( Vulcanizing agent) , crosslinking agent, Vulcanizing agent) , promoter, surfactant, 'can make the rubber molecules through chemical crosslinking of line, form a three-dimensional space network structure, so that the viscoelasticity of plastic rubber, into a high flexibility of the vulcanizates; Rubber reinforcing filler, can guarantee with the requirements of the mechanical properties, improve the processing performance and lower cost; Soften the plasticizer and other processing AIDS can make the rubber has the necessary process performance, improve the cold resistance, also can reduce the cost; Stabilizer can improve the aging resistance of vulcanized rubber, and the aging of the various types of protection, so as to extend the service life of rubber kraal pad. Rubber is the foundation of manufacturing rubber kraal pad material, usually contain no additives, but sometimes also contains some compound. The rubber ( Including plastic elastomer modified) The species has more than 100. If the brand estimate actually has more than 1000 species, its classification is roughly as follows. According to the sources and methods for preparing divided into two categories: natural rubber and synthetic rubber. One of the natural rubber consumption accounts for about 42%, the consumption of synthetic rubber accounts for about 58%. According to the range of application and USES the first method of rubber can be divided into two categories, namely, general rubber ( SBR NR NBR仍然仍然BR仍然IIR仍然仍然CR仍然牵头) And special rubber ( AEM FPM, Q,咕噜咕噜叫,ACM,有限公司T,厘米,CSM等) 。 According to the rubber type and form of crosslinking, stall in industrial rubber pad is divided into the following categories: a class of functions, such as, according to the heat resistance and oil resistance: ordinary rubber byre, heat-resistant rubber stall MATS, oil resistant rubber kraal pad, heat resistant, oil resistant rubber kraal pad and weather aging resistance rubber kraal chemical medium rubber pad, knight stall MATS, etc. Another lot of hard and soft rubber stall in mat degree points: general rubber byre, hard rubber, kraal MATS, semi-rigid plastic board, hard rubber board, micro Kong Jiao board, sponge rubber, foam rubber stall MATS, etc.
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