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Cleaning procedure for milking equipment

Cleaning procedure for milking equipment


Cow milking machine

In general, there are two types of milking equipments: bucket and pipe milking systems respectively.

The bucket milking machine collects cows directly into a vacuum portable bucket, which is usually ground mounted or suspended.

In most modern dairy farms, cow milking machine is a pipe milking system, which uses rigid heat-resistant glass or stainless steel non-toxic tubes to transfer the vacuum pressure from milk collector to each milk cup group and from each milk cup to milk collector.

The pipe milking machine can be used in a tethered or tethered barn or in a milking parlour.

Therefore, how to properly and effectively clean milking equipment is also a very critical link in the dairy farm daily production.

Proper and effective cleaning of milking equipment is the first step in ensuring product quality and preventing cross-infection of some diseases in animals.

Cow milking machine

General cleaning procedures are :(may vary depending on the brand and model of equipment used on the dairy farm)

Preflushing cow milking equipment 

Rinse the equipment with warm water of 35~40℃ immediately after use until the water is clarified.

Cleaning water cannot be reused.

Circulation cleaning of milking machine

Cycle cleaning lasts for 5~10 minutes.

The dosage of cleaning agent shall be determined by the engineer of the supplier's after-sale service department according to the local water quality.

Keep the water temperature 80~85℃.

The water temperature should not be lower than 40℃ after circulation cleaning.

Use the safe pump to extract the cleaning agent quantitatively. It is forbidden to mix the safe pump.

To ensure the cleaning effect and avoid accidents, do not add cleaning agent directly into the tank with the bucket.

Manual cleaning, according to the different equipment and pipeline, choose the appropriate cleaning tools.

Do not use a wire brush or coarse cleaning pad, as this will damage the surface of the equipment.

Upkeep & maintenance of cow milking machine

Regularly maintain, test and calibrate milking equipment (including vacuum pump, voltage regulator, pulsator, etc.).

Regularly replace rubber parts such as milk cup inner sleeve to ensure good operation of milking equipment.

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