Clever choose insulation rubber kraal pad

by:Desing      2020-04-10
Insulating rubber kraal pad is a very good building materials, with growing construction category, insulating rubber kraal pad now also has been widely used. Insulating rubber kraal pad is a larger volume resistivity and electric breakdown resistance rubber stable mat. Insulating rubber sheet is one of the insulation board, raw materials mainly with NR, SBR, IIR insulation function such as exquisite nonpolar rubber manufacturing; Mainly used in the substation, power plants and transformer room of an insulating mat used overhead laying. Stall MATS and other insulation board insulation rubber match with good elasticity, prevent slippery function outstanding, water proofing property is good, simple foil and other interests, tianjin rubber insulation kraal mat quotation is relatively expensive. Now has gradually replaced the traditional ceramics, wood, glass, plastic and other insulating materials. Insulating rubber kraal mat color has a variety of colors to choose from, often use with the color of black, red, green, etc. ; Plate, insulated rubber kraal mat appearance of stripe shape, round shape; According to the thickness of resistance to high and low breakdown voltage from 3 mm - Range of 12 mm; Insulating rubber kraal pad insulation function, according to the actual application begged from 5 kv v - 35 kv is divided into a variety of specifications. Insulating rubber kraal mat quality beg has two aspects: on the one hand is insulated rubber kraal mat the size of the insulation resistance, dielectric constant, high breakdown voltage, power, status, such as corona to numerical value of induction motor can weigh the insulating rubber kraal mat; Usually, insulating rubber kraal pad machine can check the entreaty not so detailed, just the experiment voltage and maximum use voltage must be between a margin, enough to ensure personal safety. Other fruit stall on the one hand is the insulation rubber mat rubber is not the same as the quality is not the same, mainly displays in the insulating rubber kraal mat physical machine function, odor, is sex, flexible, waterproof, prevent mildew and use fixed number of year, etc. Request insulation rubber stall MATS and the environment, such as the use environment of wettability, sunlight, etc. , these are the choose and buy of insulating rubber kraal mat must deliberate induction.
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