Color rubber byre mat production and coloring method

by:Desing      2020-04-14
Rubber stall MATS and products coloring methods mainly include surface coloring two kinds of color and mixing raw material. Surface shader is to stain spraying onto the surface of the rubber kraal pad and products, make the rubber kraal pad and product color. The method has the certain effect on the static and dynamic rubber kraal mat products, colorants easy peeling, easy to rub off. Mixing the main method of coloring is the rubber kraal pad coloring, two points method and the mixed solution method. Rubber kraal pad solution method of shading is rubber kraal mat with its good solvent dissolved into a certain solution to try, then colorants and besides sulfur rubber kraal mat synergist added to the solution evenly mixing, drying under a certain temperature to remove the solvent, finally joined sulfur in rubber mixing machine. This stain method is complex, coloring and compound scattered unevenly, have off color, solvent recovery hard, environmental pollution, has been less used. Rubber mixing method of shading kraal mat this approach is now the most commonly used rubber kraal pad and products coloring method, is adding colorant or mixed with carrier first, then add rubber stall MATS, rubber by mixing rubber mixing machine, make the rubber kraal mat color. Specific methods are: rubber stable MATS, rubber powder shaded kraal pad printing ink color, rubber stall MATS, rubber aggregate shaded kraal pad mother close color. Each rubber kraal mat coloring has its advantages and disadvantages, according to the practical production requirements, choose different coloring method, various coloring method has better effect to use with.
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