Congratulations to the Chinese team advanced to the Tokyo Olympic Games venue disorders program success!

by:Desing      2020-03-29
Beijing time on the night of August 13, 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games group G ( East Asia, South Asia, southeast Asia and Oceania countries and regions) Ground obstacle group qualifier in the Netherlands, from China, Hong Kong, China, Chinese Taipei, New Zealand, South Korea and the Philippines six countries or regions such as team competition, competition for group G field jumping places in the last two groups. China team site obstacles team sent yao-feng li ( War horse Jericho Dwerse Hagen) , li zhenqiang ( War horse Uncas S) , liu with characters ( War horse Chaccato) , Zhang You ( War horse Caesar) Four athletes. Facing the giants, China team play is stable, won the second prize in the match with absolute strength, following by killing the Olympic mark line, back to the group to qualify, qualifying for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games! Every Thai barrier bar every Thai equestrian barrier bar, according to the different design scheme and design inspiration combination of different styles of beautiful barrier bar. From the classic wooden barriers to new type of aluminum alloy barrier, design combination of the meet the needs of training and competition. 1. The barrier height of 1. 8 meters, rails 3 meters and 3. 5 meters. International league certification integration of wooden pillars and ensure the safety of riders and horses. 2. The company barrier bar chosen by professional athletes and amateur riders, not only used for training, and is used to match. 3. The safety of the international league cup, has the characteristics of safe release. To protect the safety of riders and horses to a great extent.
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