Constant just discuss: digital electronic scale load characteristics

by:Desing      2020-03-25
Digital electronic loadometer technical features: digital electronic loadometer & ndash; — Digital calibration technology: without weighing display instrument to reduce electronic loadometer 1 failure rate, the partial load of weighing ( The four corners) Automatic calibration time; 2, can according to need to modify the scales of the coefficient and the numerical zero, the coefficient of each sensor and zero parameters. 3, digital electronic scale load can be directly displayed on the computer weighing process, reduce the weighing fault segment. In today's computer hardware is very reliable, the reason of the weighing system more safety and reliable. Digital electronic loadometer & ndash; — Intelligent technology, solve the problem of partial load temperature effect and time effect of creep problem 1, prevent the use of simple circuit change weighing signal size of cheating; 2, can automatically compensate digital platform balances and adjustment for partial load and the impact of changes in temperature. Consistency, good interchangeability and transmitte scale after more than sensor, available software method to realize linear, correction and compensation performance, reduce the system error, simplifies the scale body installation debugging, calibration and adjustment. 3, automatic fault diagnosis and error code hinting function. 4, when the load for a long time to add on a weighing sensor, the output is large change, by the software in the internal microprocessor digital weighing sensor, automatic compensation of creep. Digital electronic loadometer & ndash; — Digital communications, solved the problem of the transfer and interference signal is 1, electronic loadometer USES RS485 bus technology, to realize remote transmission signal, transmission distance is not less than 1000 meters; 2, bus structure to facilitate the application of multiple weighing sensor, in the same system can pick up to 32 only weighing sensor. The difference between the electronic loadometer digital sensors and analog sensor: ( 1) Analog sensor output signal of the biggest in several millivolt, in the process of the weak signal transmission cable, easily disturbed, resulting in the system unstable or reduce the measurement accuracy. ( 2) And the output of the digital sensor signal in 3 - 4 v, the anti-interference ability than analog signals hundreds of times, solving the problem of weak transmission signal and interference. The above content by: electronic scale load http://www. shengchucheng。 Com/finishing
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