Constant just discuss: electronic scale division pounds member's responsibilities

by:Desing      2020-03-28
Electronic scale is one of the important tools of the company logistics management, plays an important role, and important farmar is to guarantee the interests of the company, its calibration must be conducted by legal metrological management department regularly. As a qualified member should be the responsibility of pound. Pound member responsibilities 1, must show certificates after training. 2, familiar with electronic scale using method and maintenance method. 3, to standardize the weighing, weighing vehicles carefully observe the weighing process, accomplish weighing the real physical content, pound of single process specification, detrimental to the interests of the company are strictly forbidden to happen. 4, earnestly fulfill their responsibility of guardianship and prohibit others to make damage to equipment. 5, daily work to be diligent about hand, cooked in the brain. Unity and progress, in high spirit, hard work, but to maintain. 6, always remind ourselves that the plans for the company, the power used for the company. Be a high political consciousness, ideological quality quality, good style of pounds. 7, maintain a clean and tidy office equipment and health, the items are put in order. 8, positive to the head of reflect running situation and the existing defects of the equipment. 9, seriously comply with the company management process of the raw coal entry rules. 10, carefully perform the duty of a company other specifications. The above content by: http://www electronic scale. shengchucheng。 Com to arrange to provide
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