Constant just finishing: electronic loadometer use daily maintenance methods

by:Desing      2020-03-27
As is known to all, electronic loadometer is precision instruments, in use process have any improper use can result in electronic scale weigh no such issues, including the use of electronic loadometer and electronic loadometer clean the bad border problem, need to cause a certain attention, geared to the needs of everyone in detail, the hope that we can to understand the use of electronic loadometer maintenance. 1. Electronic scale load before use, please refer to adjusting the horizontal position. So as not to affect the accuracy of weighing. 2. Not more than the biggest weighing range electronic loadometer, if the load is overweight, will destroy the product. Buy advice when buying bigger than weight range scale load 3. Electronic loadometer in often used at room temperature, not in extreme cold or heat environment. 4. Electronic loadometer, please placed in a clean environment, dust, dirt, moisture, vibration, airflow, and as for near electrical appliances will influence the precision of the products. 5, avoid intense shaking electronic loadometer, fall to the ground, or vibration, to ensure that electronic loadometer accurate! The above content source: electronic scale load http://www. shengchucheng。 com
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