Convenient PouShi single barrel sheep milking machine vacuum pump structure and employment

by:Desing      2020-04-05
Mechanical technology co. , LTD. Efforts for clients to realize single barrel sheep milking machine vacuum pump perfect solution, to understand other related, pay attention to site for vacuum pump single barrel sheep milking machine related content, convenient understand PouShi the structure of the vacuum pump single barrel sheep milking machine and employment, contact:. Reading a good enterprise, it must be a place where people gather. Talent is the foundation of the construction, the whole mechanism plays an irreplaceable role in the operation. The owner of an enterprise is love 'like', because 'only' and 'money' can convert, is a business of low input and high output. So the owners cherish talents, pay attention to talent, or subject, with the highest wages, to the best working conditions, all need everything in place, strongly reflects the talent of the ordinary. Most people don't let the boss down, although almost can not completely satisfy the boss, but there are also psychological insight, the oath? Therefore, we are at peace, what they need, what they have. But the more you want, but always constantly lose, 'talent' 'genius', one by one. Can not help but ask: what caused the core employees resign? Not harmonious interpersonal management Case] : liu is a chief executive of the enterprise, has the deep background, operating in the industry, he was confident of more than 30 years old, is also very meaningful. Liu is a franchise business director of human resources. After many years of working experience in human resources, and deep theoretical knowledge, work at ease, was warmly welcomed by the general manager, other management personnel of the company is also very respect him. Company while developing rapidly, the scale is small, but there is no performance management system: just over a month, according to the employee's performance more money appropriately, but due to lack of payment, the basis of the employees in private, to complain, always feel unfair. Liu found, and then to the general manager to implement the thinking of scientific performance appraisal and performance management, and to get the affirmation and support of the general manager. Then, after half a month of hard training, liu finally drew up a set of scientific performance appraisal method. And promotion in the company, although did not hear any objection, but liu felt his attitude seemed to be respect, even some managers meeting on Monday has veiled criticism. Performance appraisal system is not possible? But after a careful check, he found that no technical problems. What is the reason? Finally, with liu, sales manager wang township big willow betrayed friendship. And the king said: 'this is not a performance appraisal system, why do we have a cold, in fact, a lot of people is through. So you do things in the company, summon wind and rain, have brought considerable economic benefits. You became the reds boss mind, and the old boss is boss with the world apart, even in the middle of your hand. They said in a corner, as long as you are, they have no the light of day. In particular, in your human resources manager, he once said to me, if you don't go, he will never become a human resources director. In addition, the last time you criticize the customer service, deputy manager, do you know what he is? In fact, he is the shareholder of the company, but the ability is bad, so just bent in the post. 'A total of 4 pages: page 1234 this news source: http://www. shandongjinaiji。 com/news/25。 aspx
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