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Cow milking machine types in market

Cow milking machine types in market


 milking equipment

Since 2010, cattle farms have basically realized the process of replacing human milking with milking equipment.

The use of machine milking eases the hard work of manual milking and improves the efficiency of farms.

So what types does milking equipment have? How does the farm owner should choose milking equipment?

What does he or she need to pay attention to during sourcing for cow equipment.

In this article, as one of popular livestock equipment manufacturers taking the lead in the industry, Qingdao Desing Farming Technology Co.,Ltd. is going to walk you through cow milking machine types and tips for purcase. 

Bucket milking equipment
The vacuum of bucket milking machine is fixed in the barn, and cow milker is placed with a portable pail, which is moved to the cow in turn for milking. The milk goes directly into the pail, which is mainly used for tying barn.
Pipe milking equipment

A fixed milk conveying pipe for this cow milking machine is added, the milk can be milked directly through the milk meter and the milk tube into the milk room, the milker can still be carried to the cow place for milking, it is mainly suitable for the teeing house of the medium-sized dairy farm.

This kind of milking device can save the work of pail pouring milk during milking, further improve the productivity of cow machine milking and the quality of milk.

Room milking equipment 

The vacuum and milking apparatus are fixed in a dedicated milking room and equipped with a feeding device for concentrate.

The advantage of all cows entering the milking room through a cow stream is that the milk is piped into the milking room for cooling and storage, which further improves the efficiency of the equipment.

According to foreign reports, if using bucket milking, can squeeze 15 cattle per hour;

In the case of pipe milking, 15-35 cows can be milked per hour;

A maximum of 70-80 cows can be milked in a dedicated milking station per hour.

Mobile milking equipment
Mobile milking equipment Milkers and vacuum units are installed on trolleys or mobile milking tables and are suitable for milking in ranches. This mobile milking equipment can reduce pollution and reduce labor intensity, concurrently, it's more flexible compared to other cow milking machine.

The selection of milking equipment should be based on different feeding methods, cattle size, du condition zhi, production level, cattle disease, operator level and quality.

Dao water, electricity spare parts, cleaning liquid or disinfectant supply, after-sales service and price, etc.

Through comprehensive analysis, the best milking equipment was adopted to obtain the best production and economic benefits.

The ideal milking equipment has the following features: the ability to fully, rapidly and hygienically extract milk from the udder, the ability to cool the person, and the ability to stimulate the cow body, especially the breast tissue and the nipples to a minimum;

The whole equipment is easy to clean, maintain, test and repair; 

Maintain reliable working status in long-term actual production.

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