Custom 3 tons stainless steel livestock scales, electronic scale wireless connection

by:Desing      2020-03-29
Custom 3 tons stainless steel electronic livestock scale, wireless electronic scales, electronic scale stainless steel material production, oxidation corrosion, paint mesa, neat and beautiful, dynamic weighing function, livestock activities will not affect the weighing results, is indispensable to large farms electronic measuring equipment. If you have intention to purchase or details can click here to contact us, I wish you a happy shopping! Animal husbandry scale is introduced: by four high precision resistance strain type weighing sensors, sealed type waterproof connector, weighing display instrument with single chip microprocessor and steel structure platform scale. Applicable to animal farms, weighing quickly, digital intuitive easy to read, stable and reliable performance, easy operation and maintenance. Weighting display instrument system is equipped with high-performance, can show the gross weight, net weight, tare weight, can be manually or automatically to tare weight to tare weight, with overload and underload, automatic zero to maintain, and other functions. Note: with different types of weighing display, can meet the requirements of different users 3 tons stainless steel livestock scales, electronic scale wireless link animal husbandry scale parameters: six status indication: peeling, gross weight, net weight, date, time, stable 24 light touch membrane keyboard ( Chinese and English) 255 of the 100 car number, article number, 2000 groups of records ( Can expand 4 times) Animal husbandry scale range of the input signal: - 40 ~ + 40 mv video input signal resolution: 0. 2 uv Zui big net input signal: 40 mv sampling rate:> 100 times per second nonlinear correction: 30 points in A/D conversion resolution code: 500000 yards of the power supply requirements: voltage: 100 v ~ 240 vac optional, voltage fluctuation range: - 15% ~ + 10% frequency: 49 hz ~ 51 hz animal husbandry scale power consumption: 20 w can connect Zui 8 350 & Omega; Sensor or 16 700 & Omega; The sensor serial port 1 interface forms: RS232 ( ZENITH continuous output command or output) Serial port interface 2 forms: RS485 ( ZENITH continuous output) Animal husbandry scale structure of full steel structure features: weighing platform girder which new hot-rolled steel cold bent into a U shape cross section channel steel, and on the cross section has multichannel tud plate, more increase the stiffness of main girder, the torsional and flexural, compressive ability is stronger. Weighing platform solder joint adopts continuous automatic welding, and weld ultrasonic testing. How the quality of the weld. Steel plate after sandblasting derusting processing, the surface coated with epoxy zinc-rich primer and acrylic dilute acid polyester Marine paint, thick oil film. Weighing platform principle, specifications and diverse, seriation, and explosion-proof, non-slip structure type, etc. Project in the fourth generation of u-shape steel structure of livestock scale of the third generation channel steel girder steel structure of livestock scale structure: steel plate cold bending u-shaped slot of tud plate. Weighing platform design standardization, modularization, seriation, nice, smooth weighing platform. Girder: common channel. Weighing platform needs a single monogamous, compatibility is poor. The look and feel is not enough, easy to bend deformation. Process using special equipment, automatic continuous welding, a high degree of automation. Weld neat uniform close-grained, weld ultrasonic testing. Manual compound, manual work, poor welding is good sex, easy to produce porosity slag. High level of accuracy in performance, good stability, strong rigidity, overload ability. Accurate level is low, poor job stability, rigidity, overload capacity. Commonly used animal husbandry scale display function is introduced: the standard XK3190 - Shanghai yao hua A12 / A12E display after-sales service commitment: 1, the service tenet: quick, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough 2, service goal: service quality to win customer satisfaction, service efficiency: warranty or warranty, such as equipment malfunction, our company, after being notified within 24 hours to arrange maintenance personnel for repair service for the customer. 4, the principle of service, product warranty period is one year, during the warranty period we will free repair parts damage caused by quality, warranty parts damage, provide accessories only charge cost, if the equipment damage caused by the human factors, we repair or provide accessories at the cost price. Relevant recommendations: anti-static pulley with enclosures livestock scale 5 tons stainless steel electronic weigh bureau of animal husbandry in live animals
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