Daily maintenance of milking machine

by:Desing      2020-04-07
- - - - - - 0 - The daily maintenance of milking machine milking machine belongs to the more sophisticated tools, the operator must hold position, always mindful of its running status, ensure that there is problem when can get timely treatment, in order to avoid causing more damage to the machine. In addition to the above system detection for milking equipment on a regular basis, completes the daily maintenance is necessary. 。 Cleaning parts in time, prevent the internal water every time after milking, should be timely cleaning milk after all parts. Cleaning method is to use clean water to rinse first, and then into the hot detergent ( Temperature 0 ℃, including % naoh solution) Inside, brush with wool washing, with 0 ℃ hot water wash, finally dry spare; At the same time, the cleaning is finished, to row while inside the trees. Especially in the winter in the north cold area, heating system, must be provided to prevent the residual water freezes inside the machine after cleaning machine, pipeline blocking or expansion tube machine damage, cause the next milking us from otherwise normal operations. 。 Regularly check damageable parts, found the problem immediately change to check milk cup, milk, milk pump set, check valve, milk ducts and vacuum pot seal and other vulnerable parts, see whether normal, found that the problem timely replacement. If when cleaning milk cup lining should be remove the wash separately, and prevent deformation due to water temperature is too high; At the same time, to check whether the milk cup liner is in good condition, such as have a flat or have milk leakage phenomenon, that has been damaged, should be replaced. Set milk after cleaning, should check whether the rubber washer is in good condition, when it is assembled on the walls of pores and atmospheric flow, if the air inlet blockage, set breast milk cannot get rid of and can lead to a cup, and the harm of breast; The milk pot cover glass tube HeJinKong switch, to handle with care in the cleaning process, to avoid damage, after assembly shall not leak; Milk ducts, breast pump, the service life of the seals used in the check valve co. , LTD. , after damage should be replaced in a timely manner, otherwise not only influence milking effect, but also for milk scale residual, create conditions for bacteria breeding, affect the quality of milk. Always examine breast pump check valve, if check valve diaphragm rupture, air will enter the breast pump, so should have a breast pump check valve in case of urgent need. Check regularly clean vacuum regulator, sensors and vacuum pump belt, use wet cloth rub-up vacuum regulator valve, seat, etc. , clean with soap liquid sensor filter, dry again after installed; With your thumb on the vacuum pump belt, should have. Cm lengths, belt worn or damaged should be replaced in a timely manner; After replace or adjust the strap, should check whether the two wheel is on a straight line. 。 Preventive maintenance pulsator, maintain the vacuum pump carefully using milking equipment, so as to avoid damages to the machine. As in the case of oil-free vacuum pump, should be timely to add vacuum pump oil. Pulsator in use process, because the climate is different in different region, prone to dust and water vapor into ice, therefore, to regular cleaning maintenance pulsator, view the pulsator rubber film is in good condition, whether wall holes and air flow, and after assembled, in accordance with 0 ~ 0 times/minute pulse frequency adjust good, ready for use. Before start the vacuum pump, it is necessary to confirm whether there is oil vacuum pump oil pot, check whether the oil inlet is smooth, touch the vacuum pump shell, temperature not too high; There is no iron filings, ribbons and so on all sorts of sundry fall into the vacuum pump inside, so as not to shorten service life.
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