Dc motor cooling?

by:Desing      2020-04-07
When the dc motor start heating temperature beyond a burning temperature rise model or how should we do? Hand over to your way in the day, to read the following article. Dc motor heat or smoke can cause: 1) Dc motor power supply voltage is too low, high formation temperature rise under the extra load. ( 2) Dc motor adverse drafty or humidity is too high. ( 3) Dc motor overload or single phase operation. ( 4) Dc motor starting frequently or positive &negative too many times. ( 5) Stator and rotor phase. Disposal method: ( 1) Measurement of no-load and load voltage. ( 2) Check the dc motor fan and clearing drafty, enhance drafty low temperature ring. ( 3) Use pliers type current meter check after each phase current, symptomatic treatment. ( 4) Reduce the number of dc motor and reversing, or replace with frequently starting and positive &negative dc motor. Dc motor heat or smoke and maintenance method to you, in the future mass encountered this kind of condition can not brothers when I was bewildered prosperous.
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