Design how to consider the horse riding behavior?

by:Desing      2020-03-31
Horses are social animals, so most horses will join the other horses. Isolated horse lack of population security, and are often not popular or may endanger the health behavior, and social horses do not have this kind of situation. Stables raising horses will soon get bored, led to the stable vice ( Generally called factors, if the training fully, bad habits will weaken; But enough training, bad habits will aggravate) 。 Vice listed as follows: the & # 8226; Eating wood fetish & # 8226; Before, kick the door or hind hoof hoof shaver, keep playing wall & # 8226; Repeatedly put your body emphasis has shifted from left front feet right front hooves & # 8226; In the stable, circle, shaking his head & # 8226; Throat teeth biting hard, expansion, leading to swallow air, this is known as addictive die alone stables raising horse if I could always see other horses, will be very quiet. Should try to make the horse to see other horses, see their outdoor activities, in order to reduce the incidence of vice, reduce horses due to separation anxiety. Dominant social horses have a dominant position. In horses, each horse attacks and submissive behavior determines their position. Have grass, in the corner of the pasture on or in other enclosed space, the dominance of the horses use expel a compliant horses, increased the incidence of injury. In addition, food, water and shelter represents the limited resources, and these are influenced by dominance. Good is good at observing the behavior of the horse and rider character, make use of their respective characteristics of training and stables. The relationship between each other through observing the horse on the grass, they are grouped, and are therefore points stables and transportation. Horse escape space, like a person's personal space, and the horse will influence the other horse's behavior. Once someone into the space, it will leave. In training, people often use this to try to catch the field, or make it work in the emphasis has been placed on the circle. Dominance of the horses do not need to clearly threatening other horses, just run into each other's space, can let a relative docility horse away from food, water or grass. Stable: food, security, rest place horses more attention to food and its own security. In the natural environment, they use a lot of time every day to eat grass, but in a closed environment, the horses dietary rule, short, will use a lot of time for other activities. Stable obviously represents a security horse food and safe places. These two factors make the horse think home is stable, even if the stable caught fire, excited horse will return. Horses stood often rest or take a nap, but lie is still a long time to sleep. Sleep mode means the horses need a comfortable place to stand and drop down. , by contrast, they are more like mat stables, not hard, bare floor. Horses need lying to get daily REM ( Rem sleep) Lean on her, or at least something to rest, described stables raising horses apt. According to the horse behavior design facilities, need not complicated or lavishly. The horse in the vast grassland has been produced for many years, with grazing and simple shelter ( Including the nature of things, such as the dense bushes or trees) Fell to also can have good business. Horse racecourse facilities should not only conducive to safety, but also can improve efficiency of horse care. Racecourse design scheme of reasonable planning can save the cost, the improper design can interfere with the day-to-day running of the racecourse, increase the cost of manpower and maintain, but also endanger the safety and health of the man and the horse.
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