Desing cow brush

by:Desing      2020-02-27
Cow brush roller 'cow body brush' Desing cow brush roller is also called cow body brush (cow brush), Mainly used in cattle farms, sheep farms, horse farms, etc; The swing-type rotating cow brush starts to rotate when it contacts the cow. It rotates in any direction at the most comfortable speed of the cow. The speed is stable from beginning to end, from the back to the side, the cow can fully enjoy a considerate and comfortable life. The length and hardness of the bristles appropriately stimulate the blood circulation of the cow and keep the cow clean and quiet. Cows with swing-type automatic rotating cattle brush will be healthier and produce more milk, while ensuring that cows have the best and most comfortable living environment. The working principle is that the full-automatic cow brush adopts an automatic cow brush with a motor with a rotating shaft and a cylindrical brush. As long as the cow touches this machine, the brush will rotate. The structural composition brush is fixed with a matching U-shaped screw, the brush is hung on the pillar, and the rotation axis is 150 high from the ground during installation. This height makes the brush just on the back of the cow and cannot touch the body of the cow. For the main parts of the cow body brush (Head, neck, back, buttocks) After removing the dirt stuck on the cow, the obvious effect of cleaning the cow can be obtained. The advantages of the product, in the cowshed or pasture and other places, we often see the cow rubbing the body on the pillar or wooden fence. People usually say that this is the cow 'combing the fur '. In fact, this kind of behavior of cattle is to relieve itching and rub off parasites and dirt on the skin. At the same time, it speeds up blood circulation and greatly increases the milk production and feed intake of cattle. It can be seen that the installation of hair brushes has great benefits. Product category 1, vertical brush, horizontal brush and other types of brush; Disc brush; 2. Stainless steel wire, copper wire, nylon hair, bristle, horse mane, wool, abrasive wire, sisal, etc; 3, nylon brush roller (Industrial cleaning, cleaning of fruits and vegetables, etc); Gold-bearing steel sand abrasive wire brush roller (Steel mills, hardware industry); Wire Wheel, Wire roller (Stone grinding); Bristle brush wheel, brush roller (High temperature resistance, good elasticity, high hardness, wear resistance). 4, horse nail machine hair brush, spring brush, tablet brush, injection molding brush. 5, swing rotary cattle brush, rotary cattle brush, automatic cow brush roller, use effect, clear pressure, improve milk production, improve estrus ability, relieve skin diseases, smooth blood circulation, gentle temperament, enhance health, and expand the use area of sports fields.
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