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Desing cow milking machine fast delivery

Desing cow milking machine fast delivery

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Desing insists on the use of high-quality materials and advanced technology to manufacture livestock equipment. Besides, we strictly monitor and control the quality and cost in each production process. All this guarantees the product to have high quality and favorable price.Compared with other same kind of products in the market, Desing's livestock equipment is equipped with the following outstanding advantages.
Company Advantages
1. cow milking machine is endowed with impeccable design and exquisite craftsmanship.
2. People with symptoms such as allergies and eczema can usually be relieved from the symptoms by using this product.
3. This product protects the items which are packaged. Having the right hard texture, it will protect the item from damage from the outside world.
4. It is hard to develop Desing without the assurance of quality of cow milking machine.
5. One of the focusing point in Desing is to check every detail of the cow milking machine.

Company Features
1. Qingdao Desing Farming Technology Co.,Ltd. is a cow milking machine manufacturing enterprise with independent research and development capabilities for cow water trough .
2. Our management team is comprised of experts with years of experience. They are excellent in design, development, and production to push the whole team to work best.
3. Qingdao Desing Farming Technology Co.,Ltd. strives to become the supplier and service provider of world high quality livestock water trough . Inquire now! The cow brush is the fundamental pursuit of enterprise development. Inquire now! Desing pays high attention to enterprise culture to pursue humanized service. Inquire now! Qingdao Desing Farming Technology Co.,Ltd. has professional team to provide best after-sales service. Inquire now!
Product Description

Changing from hand to machine Milking has many benefits including faster milking due to improved routines and better milk let down. Good routines throughout the lactation period help to reduce the stress in your herd. This helps to improve milk quality and increase milk yield.

This Electric Milking Machine is used in milking for minitype breeder because of its simple structure, small auxiliary power and convenient operation and maintenance.  

In order to sanitary standard, improve the milk quality of dairy cow and prevent the mastitis in dairy cow, the milker must master certain machinery common sense and know how to use the milking machine rightly. So it will be more helpful for the milker to read this instruction carefully.


Usage of the milking machine:

  • Check whether the electrical source voltage conforms to the requirement of the milking vehicle or not before operating the milking machine
  • After operating milk machine, keep the empty running for 3-5 minutes. There is no block and abnormal noise among all the moving parts. Then convert the cluster, namely, all the connecting inlet of the claw is upward and the teat up inlet upward One minute later, the indicator of the cacuum gauge should rach 0.04-0.045MPa. Adjust the inlet value on the claw when the vacuum is too high or too low. milking can start until the cooperation of long and short space between the steel ball and pressure reed reaches 0.04-0.45MPa.
  • Swab and massage the teat by using the warm water before milking. Then milk the teat one by one by hand to spurt milk for 2-3 times. After affirming taht there is no mastitis, the teat cup can be installed to milk. As shown in pictuire 5 and pitcure 6.

  • Before settin the teat cup, the milker should stand one side of the cow. The claw is held in palm by one hand. The stainless steel part of the claw is up and all the teat cuo inlets are downward. Then push up the sealing band seat below the claw to  make the vacuum in the big milk tube center the claw and teat cup liner. Use another hand to pull the teat cup one by one through the teat shown in picture7. During the operation, the milk tube should be kept S-type to prevent the atmosphere from entering the teat cup.
  • Milking should be carried out under the condition of stable vacuum, as is shown in picture 8. Meanwhile it is finished, use your hand to add more power on the claw and press it several times to make the milking be complete, as is shown in picture 9. Then hold the claw in the palm and pull down the sealing band seat to cut off  the vacuum in the claw and in the teat cups. Accordingly the teat cups fall off automatically. As shown in picture 10. At last, use the sanitizer to sanitize the teat, as is shown in picture 11.
  • Hand the cluster on the pothook of the machine when they are plunked, uncover the milk barrel cover, spill the milk in it and then continue to do the next milking.

Cleaning and sanitizing of the milking machine:

  • Cover the barrelhead in time when finishing milking. Use the clean water to wash the dirty off the cluster (seepicture12) and then put the clean cluster into another barrel with the hot water or sanitizer.Start milking machien to make it work and wash it more times. CLean the cluster, milk barrel and milk tube.At last, use the clean water to wash them again until residual sanitizer is washed completely. Seen picture 13.
  • After the milking vehicle has been used for a week, the claw, milk barrel and the cluster should be all taken down and washed completely with the brush.

Ckeck and Maintenance:

  • Lube oil(30" gear oil, 0.4kg)should be exchanged after the reducer was uesd 750 hours
  • Every week, a certain of edible oil or20# gear oil is uesd to lubricate the plate between the piston in the piston pump and the pump shell. Pull out the skin tube in the piston pump and pour the il into it.
  • Two sets of teat cup liner are prepared for exchangeable use to prolong their service life about one month is needed for exchange. Keep the liner replaced in the shade to prolong the service life of the latex. Then another liner is used. Before the liner is used, it should be checked. If there appears flaw and distortion, the new liner is needed.
  • For various innocuous latex tubes, they should be replaced  in time  when they are found to have flaw.

Please kindly be noted that the machine could only be used to milk cow.

      • Easy to manoeuvre
      • Robust construction means easy maintenance.
      • Large heavy duty wheels-easy to move around.
      • Few and robust parts-low service and maintenance.
      • Milking machine is simple to use and light but robust.
      • Light solution-always well balanced, regardless of how full the buckets are.
      • Low noise, so as not to spook the livestock.
      • Easy to use-comes with instructions .
      • We carry a whole range of spare parts-everything you will ever need.
      • This cow milking machine has been mounted with the simple and easy piston pump for both operation andmaintenance.
      • It could milk 1 cow at same time.
    • Material of Bucket: 304 Stainless Steel
    • Operating Vacuum Degree: 0.04-0.05MPa (adjustable)
    • Pulsation times: 64/min
    • Power Fitted: 0.55KW
    • Motor Speed: 1440rmp/min
    • Electric motor voltage: 110V or 220V
    • Milking bucket: 25L
    • Working capacity: 10-12Cows/hour
    • Employees needed When Milking: one
    • The Number of Milking Cup Group: one set
    • The Number of Stainless Steel Milk Bucket:one(capacity of 25kg)
 Package Contents
    • 1 X Main Body
    • 1 X Necessary Accessories
    • 1 X English Manual


Our Services


After-sale service


aRepairing and maintenance if any problem occur in the warranty;


bAny feedback of machine can be told us, and we will try our best to 

support you;


c.) Debugging of equipment until everything is functional;


d.) Training of equipment maintenance and operating personally;


e.) Provide 1 year complete warranty and life-time maintenance service.


Desing cow water trough will go through the rough machining process such as material cutting, as well as the finish machining process such as polishing or plating. When assembled, the puzzle looks fairly seamless and there are no raised pieces that won’t lie flat
Find workmanships are conducted in the production of Desing cow water trough. The workmanships, mainly including desizing, mercerizing, singeing and dying, aim to enhance the overall textile performance of the product. There is less puzzle dust in the box
Desing cow milking machine is professionally designed. The design is carried out by our designers who use interactive software to virtually construct the layout of this product. It is protected with a coated surface resistant to water drops
The quality of Desing cow water trough is guaranteed to meet the standards of the heatsink industry, including the safety and electricity performance standards. It is designed to artfully combine the picture with the design of the cut pieces
Desing cow water trough is designed under the guideline of foot biomechanics. The designers try to create a product which can recover people's biomechanics based on the theory of the anatomic structure of the foot and ankle. Its quality results from unique die line cuts
This product enjoys a long service life. Specially and delicately made, it can be stored as a special keepsake for a long time. Bonus poster for help in solving is available
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